October 1st – 3rd, 2024

Nashville, TN

Vibrant Emotional Health is proud to announce We The Resilient: A conference on disaster behavioral health and building a truly resilient community. Our fourth annual conference promises to be full of engaging and enlightening content on a subject that becomes increasingly more relevant every day.

As humans, we are resilient with an immense capacity to adapt, to evolve, to change and to grow. Our history is marked by adversity and how we as individuals and communities have emerged from crisis stronger and better prepared for the future. But this resilience doesn’t happen on its own. Resilience requires action and agency. As leaders in the Disaster Behavioral Health space we are not only advocates for a more resilient community but the ones creating it.

Our goal for this conference and beyond is to design human-first systems and structures that build up communal resilience in a sustainable and equitable way in each of our disciplines.

Call for Submissions

Submissions for the 2024 We the Resilient Conference have been closed. Selected presenters and panelists will be contacted in June.

Key Dates:

Submissions Open: 12/15/23
Submissions Closed: 5/14/24
Presenters and Panelists contacted May through June 2024
Conference: 10/1 – 10/3 2024

For questions or inquiries about the conference or sponsorship, email us at [email protected].